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Head office: 4244 Újfehértó, Egészségház u. 49/a 
Premises: 4320 Nagykálló, Bátori u. 30.
mail: info@h3d.hu

Ferenc Marján

+ 36 20 951 8696

László Kövér

+ 36 70 932 7141


In addition to the proper employment of socially disadvantaged people based on the local needs, our mission is to increase the environmental and energy-conscious attitude and habits of the local population and the local businesses, and to develop our neighbourhood through our economic activities, which in the long term contribute to the sustainability of our organization, to the development of the community in this region, and to the economic and environmental sustainability of the town.

Our social strategic goals:

* Providing livelihood to the socially disadvantaged population and thus keeping them in town: ensuring their long-term employment in an innovative and new business, which does not only provide sustainable income, but also serves to improve their social situation through complementary co-operative services (mentoring, mental-health counselling, community programs, trainings, donations, etc.).
* Among the career-starting young people, spreading the idea and the goal of becoming an entrepreneur, starting an own business and working as a subcontractor.
* For older and retired people, strengthening them and showing them the necessity to re-enter the world of work.

Our business and strategic goals:

* Providing high quality customized 3D printing technology tailored to the customer’s needs.
* Providing efficient, flexible and innovative services to our customers through optimal solutions, thus increasing their satisfaction.
* Our business should operate at high professional standard, as a neutral and independent company which meets the external and internal regulations, as well.
* Achieving the financial and economic self-preservation of our social enterprise, creating a stable financial position that is sustainable in the long term.


We can provide our social activities from our business revenue. Therefore, our cooperative plans its business activities for 3 business years in advance. From our business activities, we can provide the pre-planned profit, from which we can separate funds and maintain our activities per social objective