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3D printing technology



Selective Laser Sintering, or SLS, is a rapid prototype-manufacturing solution based on layer-on-layer construction.

The essence of the process is that the powder particles, that are automatically applied from layer to layer, are melted by laser. In this process, first polyamide powder particles were used to produce physical models. The melting of the polyamide (PA) powder particles has been solved with precisely-controlled laser energy so successfully that the strength parameters of the finished model approach the properties of injection moulded PA parts – i.e., they cannot only be used as visual models, but also for carrying out a variety of physical and functional tests and evaluations, which also allows the so called Additive-Manufacturing – direct production without tools – for some products.  


Thanks to the SLS technology, we can take full advantage of the printing volume; we can fill it with one big object or with many smaller models. The necessary support is provided by the unused powder raw material, which can simply be removed from the models later, and thanks it, even native parts, moving and working prototypes can be 3D-printed as a single piece.